Director, Engineering

Dilip Reddy

Director, Engineering

Meet Dilip Reddy, a tech guru and natural leader, who's been shaping the software engineering landscape for over 16 years. He's currently flexing his tech muscles as the Director of Engineering, using his deep knowledge to develop just the right solutions for various applications.

Dilip's not one to sit still – he thrives on the thrill of exploring and evaluating new tech frameworks. If it fits the need, he'll find a way to integrate it seamlessly into his work. He's a proud alum of BITS Pilani, main campus, where he didn't just ace his academics, he also scooped up quite a few awards at academic festivals. His expertise doesn't stop at developing software; he's also made his mark in academia, penning articles for well-known journals like IEEE.

Dilip's been at the heart of architecting gaming platforms that can easily handle millions of transactions each day. He was even part of the team who designed and developed a sidecar agent that's now running on over a million Amazon hosts. When it comes to the payments domain, he's got that covered too – having integrated multiple payment processors over the years.

His mastery of transaction management processing is particularly impressive. Think managing vast amounts of transactions at scale – that's Dilip's daily playground.

Away from his tech wonderland, Dilip is a family man who loves spending quality time with his loved ones. He's a big fan of travel and cricket. And for the places he can't physically explore, he turns to his favourite YouTube vloggers to satisfy his wanderlust. In a nutshell, Dilip Reddy is a tech wizard with a passion for life, both at the keyboard and beyond.