Alignment through joint governance and collaboration

Through enriched collaboration and attention to detail, our governance establishes a plan-for-the-plan for achieving certainty in our outcomes.

At TechMojo, we give absolute priority to understanding our partner’s needs and converting them into a good governance plan that is mutually agreeable. We believe in joint governance through collaboration, absolute listening to our partner’s needs, rational joint decision-making, and customization of our execution methodology that fits the needs of our partners and the projects on hand.

Execution methodology: We first want to baseline the execution methodology to be followed in collaboration with our partners. We usually believe in agile methodology because it enables us to deliver the set work iteratively and incrementally. This methodology helps our teams to take the “unknown state” to a “known state” by reviewing the working product and taking feedback loops periodically. Our organization has deep expertise in implementing rational agile methods while delivering projects with almost NO schedule overruns. Our predictability delivery framework has been evolving continually with a real-time risk management framework that kept on keeping things in a GREEN state on an ongoing basis.