Founder & CEO

Ranjith Ayinala

Founder & CEO

Ranjith Ayinala is the Founder and CEO of TechMojo. He founded TechMojo in 2013 with the mission of supporting companies in the growth phase with robust technology systems that are highly performant and reliable. He believes this can be delivered through a combination of deep technology expertise, process strength, and vibrant engineering culture.

Since establishing TechMojo, he has been passionate about architecting systems from the onset, emphasizing scalability and minimizing operational costs. This strategy has enabled numerous client businesses to capitalize on the lowered Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their technological operations. As an advocate for open-source software, he motivates client businesses to adopt and contribute to open-source. As TechMojo's team size swelled to over 500 members, Ranjith focused on cultivating industry-leading processes, governance structures, and strong work culture centered on ownership and trusted collaboration.

Before TechMojo, he worked for about 13 years at IVY Comptech, the technology of arm of LSE listed Bwin.Party(Now Entain). As General Manager for the Business Platform at IVY, he was a leader in Bwin and Party brands merger and migration to a common global business platform. Apart from pivotal role in the merger, he derived pride in his contributions to scaling the Platform to support billion-dollar revenues and reengineering efforts involved to make payment and marketing systems industry-best and foundational to company growth.

Ranjith holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering from BITS, Pilani.